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Derby Time!

The Kentucky Derby is nearly here. On May 3, 2008, Kentucky goes crazy for the most exciting few minutes in sports. Sun or shine, people will be out watching the horses whether in the stands or the infield. Ladies will wear the most amazing, unusual, gravity-defying hats. Gentlemen will sip mint-juleps. If you haven't already, head to the Official Derby Homepage for 2008 and pick out your favorite(s)!

Any team member who has Derby or Kentucky specific items in his/her shop, let me know and I'll feature them here.


New Members

Our team keeps growing! Welcome to our new shops: Do Mosaics, The Miscellaneous Five and Dime, and Weed of Dreams! Check out the Etsy mini at the bottom of this page for items made by members of the Bluegrass Team.


Why buy local?

Since this is a "local" Etsy Street Team, I thought I'd take a moment to post some of the reasons I think buying local is important. If there are any I've left out, feel free to leave a comment!

1) Buying local supports your regional economy. In these days of jobs being shipped overseas, its nice to be able to give someone in your community support by purchasing locally made goods.

2) Buying local cuts down on carbon emissions. Everyone should be aware of global warming and how burning fossil fuels is contributing to it. By shopping locally, you're reducing those emissions.

3) Buying local often means being able to get a custom order. When I go into a Big Box Store, my options are limited to what's in stock. Etsy allows buyers and sellers to come together and collaborate on custom items. If you haven't already checked out the Alchemy section, you should.

4) Buying local allows you to find out exactly what's in the item you're buying. Etsy in particular lets crafters tell exactly what went into that handcrafted item. With the recent scares of contaminated goods from overseas, I feel better being able to ask the maker directly about what ingredients go into an item.

For more on the benefits of buying local, check out:

Living Economies




Kentucky has a lot to offer!

Here are some resources for Kentucky crafters:

The Kentucky Craft Marketing Program is a great resource for all Kentucky craftpeople.

"Arts Kentucky works hand in hand with arts organizations and individual artists to create cities and localities with strong arts and culture, which build vibrant communities. We believe that creative communities not only enhance the quality of life for all who live there, but they also strengthen the local economy and nurture the creative young minds of our future leaders."

The Kentucky Arts Council provides arts-focused grants and programs or services to every county in Kentucky.


Welcome to our newest member, IrisinBloom! She makes a variety of machine embroidered items, from sweatshirts to blouses and even towels!