Member of the Week- Libby of Auroras Garden

Our member of the week is Libby, of Auroras Garden and Maylees Garden. Not only does Libby create enough wonderful goods for two shops, but she also works tirelessly to volunteer for our team whenever necessary, including creating our MySpace page, which is now up for your viewing and friending pleasure.

In Auroras Garden, she creates and sells patchwork skirts, pillowcase tops, and halter-type tops for the plus size gal, along with super adorable pillowcase dresses for babies and small girls in colors of the buyer's choice. My favorite one is this pillowcase dress for baby, modeled by her daughter, Maylee:

Maylee is also the inspiration behind Libby's second shop, Maylees Garden, which sells vegan soaps in all sorts of scents and colors. The one I am drooling over is this luxurious Peppermint and Rosemary Shea butter soap:

You can stop by and say hello to Libby anytime in Auroras Garden or Maylees Garden! Be sure to friend us on our MySpace page as well! Thanks!


WhimsybyMari said...

Maylee is a real sweetie, your soaps look wonderful.

Auroras_Garden said...

(SQUEALS) My baby is on the blog (SQUEALS!) I am so tickled! Thanks so much for pimping my stuff!

Auroras_Garden said...

I just clicked on the myspace link and it dont work...you misspelled it LOL so here is the right one, I copied and pasted it here cause I would probably misspell it too LOL

Oh yeah and if anyone is interested I have a blog at http://www.aurorasgardenblog.blogspot.com
I have tutorials too!

KimberlyRies said...

Libby, your daughter is beautiful!