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Are you an Etsy seller that lives in Kentucky? Are you interested in joining our team, but have some questions? As our membership has tripled in the past month, here are some common questions that have come up.

Q: What are the requirements to be a member of the team?
A: Bluegrass Etsy is open to all Etsians that reside in Kentucky. To maintain a high standard of quality that we can use to help market our team as the B.E.S.T. artisans in Kentucky, a 95% or above rating on Etsy must be maintained to stay a member. Other than that, there are no requirements to be a member, just remember that you will get out what you put into this group!

Q: How do I get listed as a B.E.S.T. team member at the etsy communities team listing? How often is this updated?
A: Once you join the team member-only network on Ning, you are an official member! The Etsy Communities team listing is updated periodically to reflect this.

Q: How should I tag my items in etsy so that they come up in searches?
A: Our team tag is “teambluegrass” (all one word). Tag all items in your shop “teambluegrass” to be found by shoppers and treasury makers. All our team resources on the web (flickr, myspace, blog, email) are found under “bluegrassetsy”.

Q: How can I contribute to the team blog?
A: Guest writers and articles are always needed for the team blog. Every Wednesday is our member of the week article, and submissions for any other day, Monday through Friday, are accepted. Email submissions to Corinne at daydreamartist76@yahoo.com. Make sure articles are well written and edited, and relevant to issues pertaining to team members, Etsy, arts and crafts, and/or Kentucky. Also, any photos you post on the Ning website go directly to the slideshow on our team blog.

Q: Should I create a blog myself?
A: Absolutely!! Blogs are a great marketing tool, and a way for your voice to be heard! Once you start a blog (free, easy to use blogs can be had from www.blogger.com), convo Corinne (daydreamartstudios) with the link so it can be added to the blog roll on the team blog.

Q: How can I participate and feel a part of the team?
A: Join our flickr group and friend our MySpace page. On our Ning site, post blogs and start and reply to discussions in the forums, post craft shows in your area under events, post photos (products only, no family pictures, please) that go directly to the slideshow on the team blog. Create team treasuries and comment on treasuries your teammates make. Cross-promote with your teammates. Consider splitting a booth with teammates at local shows to save money and make friends! (Sometimes double sized booths are cheaper than two individual booths.) Participate in team-wide sales and promote them on your own blog. Share your ideas with us! If you find somewhere on the web you feel our team should have a presence on, start a page/ group for our team and tell us about it! We also have a chat in our own private chat room every other Wednesday evening, so drop in and say hi!

Q: What is a treasury and what is the etiquette for treasuries?
A: Treasuries are those beautiful collections of products that follow a theme you see on the front page of Etsy. They are a terrific marketing tool for getting traffic to your shop. Anyone on Etsy can get a treasury by watching the treasury page and waiting for an opening. More info can be found here. When you are lucky enough to land a treasury, email the link to us at bluegrassetsy@yahoo.com. We will then pass it on to the whole team! When you go to these team treasuries, leave a comment and click on the items in the treasuries, as these clicks are what moves the treasuries up the list and to the front page. Your teammates are helping to market you and put you on the front page, so please take a minute to click and comment! Be sure to tag items “teambluegrass” to be found by treasury makers!

Q: What if I have a friend that wants to join? How do I invite them?
A: Send email addresses to daydreamartist76@yahoo.com to receive an invitation to join.

For further questions…

about flickr group – Mari, http://whimsybymari.etsy.com
about MySpace page – Libby, http://www.aurorasgarden.com
about team video montages- Kim, http://creativeeyestudio.etsy.com
about team blog or anything not covered above – Corinne, http://daydreamartstudios.etsy.com


KimberlyRies said...

There is a lot of good information here. Thanks Corinne for taking the time to post these FAQ. I was new myself not too long ago and I remember how I felt at the time. I think it will help new members feel a part of things when they join.

If anyone has any other questions not covered, let Corinne know and we can add to the list. It will help everyone.

Kyra said...

I am so glad to have found the B.E.S.T.! I have to agree that there is a lot of good info on here. Kudos to Corinne for this page and to the people who make it all possible. Kentucky artists unite! :)