Share our Success: Libby Goldsmith

Congratulations to our team leader, Libby Goldsmith of Auroras Garden and Maylees Garden. Libby was recently selected as a writer for Handmade News. Check out Libby's bio and watch for her upcoming articles at Handmade News.

To find Libby's published articles, go to the Handmade News site, click the Marketing tab on the right and you'll see Libby's picture. Click there to see the articles she has submitted.

On behalf of the Bluegrass etsy team, congratulations Libby!

Team Members: If you have been published or recognized for your work, please let us know. Contact Kim Ries at kimberven@earthlink.net. We'd love to share your success with everyone! Let us brag about you!


Auroras_Garden said...

Thanks a bunch guys! I appreciate it a LOT! I hope everyone checks out my articles, these are coming from a lot of years of marketing experience. I hope everyone can benefit from my knowledge

KimberlyRies said...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Libby!! :)