Its That Time Again. Team Meet And Greet!

Well, team its almost time for us to get together, giggle like little girls, and eat some lunch at Isaacs Cafe in beautiful Bernheim Forest!

Our team meeting is set for this Saturday September 26th from about 11-ish till about 4-ish. I never want these things to end so I could easily party up into the night with you guys if you want to.

We have been informed no booze is allowed on the property. BOOOO!!!!!!

It is Ok however to bring items to barter and trade! I love trading!

Bring your promo items to swap with others, Feel free to bring samples of your work too! At our last meet and greet we got to see some AMAZING work by Jama Watts, and Jenni Phillips of Lucajenn So if you got something you wanna show off, bring it! We would LOVE to Oooo and Ahhh over your creations!

We will be discussing a lot of team related stuff so bring your thinking caps too. We want to make the team more exciting for you and also help you to make your shop be the best it can be. So bring your questions, and ideas too.

Kim and I are looking very forward to meeting each and every one of you coming out on Saturday. Kim and Carolyn have worked very hard to get this thing together, and I wish to thank them for all their hard work to make this meeting a success!

GO TEAM!!!!!!

Photo credits:
Above left courtesy of TheUnderstory
Bottom right courtesy of SewFriendzy
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KimberlyRies said...

oooh! I can hardly wait! Despite being an alcohol free event, I am really looking forward to this. LOL! Seriously, I love this team and our wonderful talented team members. Look forward to seeing you there on Saturday!! Go teambluegrass!