Wedding Presents, TeamBluegrass Style

This past weekend, a dear friend of mine married her best friend, and she very graciously invited us to attend, which we did. Which means presents! What better way to celebrate her time in KY (she'll be moving out of state soon to go to Grad School) than items made right here, by our own TeamBluegrass?

Marriage means a lot of things, and one of those things is sharing a home. That means sharing house keys. Both the bride and groom love all things aquatic, so this Octopus Key Rack from Knob Creek Metal Arts was perfect.

Sharing a life with your beloved also means sharing the bathroom. To help in that respect, this bubbly stoneware soap dish from Tea Horse Studio fit in with the natural, aquatic theme and it just looks really cool.

Of course, like any bride, I was sure my friend would want somewhere to show off her wedding ring when she can't wear it, so I was also able to tuck in a small ceramic mandala dish from Starry Road Studio, as a ring holder.

And finally, I couldn't do all that shopping without getting myself a little something too, so after falling hopelessly in love with the Strange Woodlands bowl from Lori Phillips Ceramics, nothing would do but that I snag it, so I did.

It was so much fun going through all the goodies on offer by the talented artisans of TeamBluegrass and finding the perfect gifts to give on my friend's wedding day. I know she will treasure her gifts for years to come.

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NeedlesAndKims said...

Great ideas here. I especially love the little dishes! They can be used in so many cute ways.