Feature Friday : MisfitDreamers

This weeks feature Friday shop is TheMisfitDreamers.
This shop is owned by the lovely Asha, who is also a painter and graphic artist. Her jewelry has such a unique style, just the right amount of bling to make me drool, and that unique touch that makes me feel like I know her just by looking at her work. She obviously puts a lot of herself into her work, and her style really is unique. So if your looking for some unique jewelry pieces check her out! So here goes our interview:

Tell us about yourself! What part of Ky your from, your family,if you have a day job? if so what do ya do?

I was born in Louisville, but I've lived in Radcliff my entire life. I have 1 sister, and 8 lovely cats that are like my children. I'm technically a graphic designer. I currently freelance, and am contracted out at a company in Louisville for 3 days a week.

What got you started in Crafting?

I've been crafty and creative my entire life. I've been oil painting for about 14 years and I draw, too. I'm attempting to learn how to sew. I got started in jewelry in 2006. I had a pair of earrings and I wanted to recreate them..so I bought some basic supplies and went home and started making earrings. Then people wanted me to make them some earrings. And then necklaces. And bracelets. And rings. And it's been going on like this ever since. I taught myself how make jewelry, and my favorite part is probably being able to buy all the beautiful beads and supplies I find. For the record, I still haven't made that first pair of earrings I meant to make..I might make them one of these days!

Whats a normal day like for you?

If I'm working that day, I have to wake up early [which I hate doing], and then I just create ads or signage for the store all day. Then I come home and I might make jewelry or work on catching up with stuff I have to do. On off days, I work on freelance projects, make jewelry if I'm in the mood, or paint [my true passion].

Is there anything special you would like us to know about your work?

About my jewelry..I love to combine unique beads to form pieces. I have my beads/supplies in containers with compartments or in bags, and I will often scratch around in them until I find something I like and know will work well with what I have in mind. I make a wide variety of styles because I don't want to limit myself to one thing, and I love to create different things people will enjoy.

About my art [I don't have any items up right now, but will soon]..I truly love fine art. My favorite genre is surrealism and I often create things in this genre. I'm often inspired by experiences and song lyrics.

Whats your favorite thing about kentucky?

I guess my favorite thing about Kentucky is that it's home. I love to visit other places. I would love to move to New York or possibly Cleveland some day, but I definitely want to come back to Kentucky. It's comfortable, cozy, and at just the right pace. I like the central location of it, as well [I go to a lot of concerts and this is helpful ^^].

Whats your favorite shop(s) on Etsy?

Just a few of my favorites, there are so many!

You can see more from the very talented young lady in her Shop on Etsy. We are so proud to have you on the team Asha!

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KimberlyRies said...

I had the pleasure of sitting next to Asha at the Radcliff show a few weeks ago. We had a lot of fun sharing info about our suppliers and shows we've done during the holidays. I love her jewelry too!