Kentucky Wildweeds-Goldenrod

Kentucky Wild Weeds

I’m back!!!!  In this issue I’ll be discussing our state flower-Goldenrod.  The genus name solidago comes from the latin word solide which means “to make whole”.  After the Boston Tea Party the colonists drank goldenrod tea and called it Liberty Tea.

Goldenrod tea is used as an antiseptic treatment for urinary tract infections, a gargle for sore throats or just a relaxing cup of tea.  The flowers can also be infused into an oil or ointment to disinfect and treat skin infections, and to relieve pain.

Some people blame this beautiful plant for their late Summer allergies but the real culprit is ragweed, which blooms at the same time.  The flowers of ragweed are not easily seen so our poor Goldenrod gets the blame.  It is possible to be allergic if you have allergies to any plant in the daisy family, but allergic reactions would result from direct contact with the plant, not airborne pollen.

Goldenrods are now in bloom so it’s time to gather flowers!

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