Chat times for the team

To the right I have posted two polls, one for chat TIMES and one for chat DAYS.

You can select multiple answers. I am trying to narrow down no more than 3 days a week we could do chat.

I know Monday and Wednesday nights are tough for a lot of you and to be honest they dont work for me either I just thought it would work for MOST of the team so I MADE it work for me.

However, I would love to know in reality what is best for the majority of the team as far as days and times so here is a poll! I know a lot of you want weekdays and a few want a weekend day, so lets work things out.

I can also reinstate the chat room on the ning site and if a bunch of you want to meet there anytime feel free, or in case you dont know you CAN chat on etsy any time. Anyone can make a room. So if a bunch of you want to get together and chat go right ahead. I want the team to have a team spirit, a sense of community and I highly encourage chats and emails to each other as often as you can. But I like to have "Official" chat times too. So vote and let me know what times are good for you!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


Sweetbriers said...

Just the thought of trying to get this all organized gives me a headache, so much work!
No matter what days or times are selected I’ll try to make it to the chats as often as possible. Please know that all your work for the group, the blog, the chats, the ALL of it is greatly appreciated.

I’m pretty flexible on which day of the week, as long as it’s at night, like 10:00 pm or later. Like lots of us, Monday thru Friday until 5:00pm isn’t good then when we get home there’s work to do there too (who’d have known?). I don’t know about anyone else but normally by 10:00 pm I’ve got everything fed, watered or weeded (either that or it’s just too dark to see) and I’m back inside.

Asha said...

I tried chatting one time, but I don't think the applet [I assume it's an applet] likes my Mac. Ah well.

PurrPrints said...

I just want to second Sweet's comment--you absolutely rock, and I am very appreciative of everything you do for the team :)