New graphic for the team!

It looks like we have a CLOSE winner! Number 3 graphic made by Kellibeans is the winner of our poll! YAY!

I thank both of you guys, Themisfitdreamers and Kellibeans for working hard for the team and making these equally awesome graphics. Now Kellibeans you have become my slave, yes. I will send you an email and put you to work. Fellow members expect the blog to look a lot different SOON! Finding the feature friday member and the blog contest will soon be easy!

~Teambluegrass Bloggers:
For now feel free to take this graphic and make it link to our blog. You can do that by going to a place like photobucket.com where you can upload pictures,upload this graphic and copy the link directly to the picture, and then go here Myspace image codes and enter in the web address to the picture, then enter the link http://www.bluegrassetsy.blogspot.com or you can use our new URL which is http://www.kentuckyhandmade.com and click generate! The code that shows up in the bottom line, copy and paste that into an HTML gadget on your blog if your using blogger...if your somewhere else I dont have a clue as to what you do.

And yes I know the link I gave you says "Myspace" code generator but you can use these anywhere that you need a bit of HTML. Thats all it is generating is the HTML code for your clickable links and pictures. Use it anywhere you can insert such a code! Its fun to play with.

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