Kentucky Wild Weeds: Plantain

Today Jackie Alberti of Glorybeherbals discusses another "Kentucky Wild Weed" - this one is called Plantain.

This is another one of those very useful yard “weeds”. Plantain is EVERYWHERE - be glad because it can really come in handy if you need to treat a wound quickly. Plantain is cooling and soothing and can be used on insect bites and stings, nettle stings, cuts, scrapes, burns, and irritation. Most herbalists suggest plucking fresh leaves and chewing them a little before applying them to a wound. Personally, I am not crazy about the idea of putting anything from the ground into my mouth without washing it first. I like to roll fresh leaves between the palms of my hands until it feels wet. Thus releases the cooling mucilage-then it can be rubbed or laid over the affected area.

The seeds are used as a bulk forming laxative called psyllium.

If you have any questions about Jackie's articles or want to know more about native Kentucky plants, please contact Jackie at her Glory Be Herbals blog.


Carrie Mayer said...

I love the Wild Weeds series! It's so cool to see plants that I see in my backyard in a different light!

mandyann said...

Its neat to see some "weeds" we have in Iowa have a good use. Will keep this in mind for future reference. Thanks!!!

KimberlyRies said...

Yep, it always looked like a weed to me too. Thanks Jackie for educating us all!!