Bluegrass Cookin: Deep Fried Candy Bars

Welcome to my first installment of Bluegrass Cookin'! It is my goal to bring you unhealthy sinful treats you can make right in your own kitchen with as few ingredients as possible to make an awesome treat! Of course from time to time I may bring HEALTHY choices, but for now lets do the fun stuff. Now lets get cookin'!

Today I bring you: Deep Fried Candy bars!!!!

I had an oppurtunity to go to the mega spectacular Heartland Music festival in Elizabethtown and while I was there I was tempted by the smells of sausage and onions cooking, cotton candy being spun, and deep fried candy bars! I stood and watched carefully the nice man who was serving up these treats and I uncovered a secret...they use funnel cake batter. Or you can use my recipe and have a batter almost as awesome!

The nitty Gritty:

*1 cup of self rising flour ( who has time to mess with baking powder!)
*5 or more tablespoons of sugar (I recommend Turbinado cause its healthier)
* 1 egg
*water/soy or rice milk or regular milk use enough to make a batter that is thinner than pudding but thicker than water...kinda like a pancake batter. (Sorry I never measure this part!)
*vegetable oil to fill the smallest pan you got. These arent very big so you don't need a huge pan. Its best to cook one at a time.
*And last but not least you need packs of those "fun size" candy bars. Snickers, Milky Way, Reese's cups, whatever your favorite is! You can also use Oreos for this too!

How to pull it off:

Mix up all the above ingredients with the exception of the candy bars. While you're doing this, put the oil in the pan and fire it up on medium heat. You don't want the oil TOO hot but you want it hot enough to start cooking the batter as soon as you drop these puppies in there.

Once your oil is hot, and your batter mixed up, let's get busy!

Take some tongs and pick up a candy bar...dont eat it! resist the temptation! Drop it in the batter and get it coated REAL good. Make sure its a pretty thick layer. Drop it all in the hot oil....turn when one side is brown. They should float on top of the oil too, so turning is tricky.

When your candies are nice and golden brown, take them out with the tongs and put them on a paper towel to drain real good.

Resist temptation to eat, and repeat this process till you have enough candy bars to feed the crowd that has now gathered around you.

You can sprinkle these with powdered sugar if you wish! Best served warm and melty. With vanilla ice cream is best.

Sorry I do not have pictures of the finished product as my son and I ate them all before I thought about posting the recipe! Boy were they GOOOD!

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KimberlyRies said...

Sounds decadent Libby!! For me, just eating the snickers bars out of the bag is bad enough! :)