Kentucky Wild Weeds: St. John's Wort

This week's installment of Kentucky wild weeks focuses on St. John’s Wort. Thanks to fellow team member, Jackie Alberti for writing these articles each week. Check out Jackie's GloryBeHerbals shop to see some of her wonderful oils and herbal products.

This plant may be hard to find. I haven’t found any growing wild in my area but it is supposed to be found in Kentucky. I’d love to hear from anyone who finds some. If you are interested in this plant, I recommend growing your own because the active chemical evaporates very quickly and the dried plant material is not very useful.

St. John’s Wort is used primarily for mild depression and to heal nerves, inflammation and wounds. Clinical studies have proven it to be effective for mild to moderate depression. It is also useful when there is any kind of nerve damage, however internal use can cause sensitivity to sunlight.

I also like to make an infused oil out of this. It is unbelievable on sore muscles and actually is a mild sunscreen. The oil can be used for sore or inflamed muscles, and as a wound healer (especially if a nerve has been damaged), and to soothe burns and rashes.

You can contact me through my Glorybeherbals store if you’d like to learn more about how to prepare any of these remedies.

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