Share Our Success: Kellibeans

Many many congratulations to our very own Kellibeans for landing a job as a columnist in the marketing department at handmadenews.org.

She works hard for the team and is a marketing genius. Please bookmark her profile as it will soon be filled with links to her amazing articles she has in the works. Any Etsy shop can benefit from her wisdom as she has spent countless hours researching marketing and also has a natural knack for it.

Thanks so much Kelli for all you do for the team and I am so proud your wisdom can be shared with the whole handmade community!


KimberlyRies said...

Way to go Kelli! I'll look forward to reading your marketing tips!

Jackie said...

It's obvious you have real marketing skills. I have loved your tutorials on the team blog-we knew you were a great asset know you can earn a living doing something you enjoy! Congratulations.

Kelli said...

Thanks you two. *blush*